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Boston Combine X

Todd Martinez, Nick Slowiak, Nicky Cuba, Brad McCurley and Ryan Greenspan. Ten Years of Combine. That's how you mark such an occasion.  Two days, 110 players. Team building in action literally and figuratively.  Every year we take even mores steps to create something that gives back to both players and the game.  

"As I am sending out Combine emails wrapping up this incredible event - I want you to for a moment - forget every image you see of pro players that you think represents what they do or who they are to this sport. This is the one that sums it up, this is the one that captures what it means to wear that label. Five of the many who shoulder the responsibility of giving the next generation something to aspire to. I sit here somewhere in the middle of it all - I have been on both sides I have seen it from all angles. Paintball in general is a grind. There are no certainties, the market is unpredictable and there is most definitely a very finite line between those who play for fun and those who play for sometimes anything but fun. It is my job to provide the experience in whatever form it takes - to keep them playing - to make them fall in love - but without these guys, the ones who DO dare to want to go further like CJ, Shea, Adrian, Jake, Harrison and Jameson just to name a few - have no reason to want to go there. It's not about that rockstar image, those are just moments. It's about a table of some of the very best in the game actually being here, sharing their knowledge, their experience, going over their notes, building teams from our players - essentially passing the torch. Getting snowed in, losing more time with family, loved ones, work, school - par for the course in this game - it's not something they're not used to. But they don't do it for the big payout. They do it because it is on them, how far we all can take this is on their shoulders because they live, breathe, die, sacrifice and represent this game. THAT is a pro and that is why we are so lucky to have them. Thank you Nick, Nicky, Brad, Ryan, Todd and Rayburn for being here, for doing what you do for THIS side of what it all means and how serious you take it. THIS is your legacy."

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