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The national ranking system

The first tab you see is the final leaderboard of the event. A sum of all 6 drills scores. 
Each drill has a time and set of deductions which add time to each one of your drill totals. After recording the lowest time for each participant for each drill you are then ranked amongst the 96 players respectively. The highest score in each drill receiving a 95 and the lowest in each drill a 0. For example if a player came in 1st in two drills, 10th in 2 drills and 20th in two drills they would have 
2- 95  , 2 -86, 2 - 76  for a total = 514 

Tab 2-7 are the drills broken down showing organic data of time, deduction, some drills broken down by hand and total time. Please use these as a baseline to go home and continue to train, better your scores, and improve as a player. 

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