The System

The 2019 Pro National Paintball Combine Jerseys by Raza Paintball will feature both a unique standard issue player number as well as the color coding system that will denote a players current APPA rank.

The number on the jersey will track each players individual drill score, their overall Combine placing and will help scouts and coaches track them both on the field and on paper.

The color coding of the jerseys will signify the current rank of the player to help teams, scouts and coaches follow the players that are most appropriate for their situation. 

In 2020

We will be moving to color coding players by the position they play. There will be 3 colors denoting if a player is a "1" a "2" or a "3". Front, Mid or Back. 

This change coincides with the addition of the situational drills that will be graded as part of a players overall score and will help us to place players into teams and evaluate them even better. 

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