THe drills

Individual Drill 1 - Snap Shooting

This drill will naturally train you to locate your target and eliminate it as quick (time wise) and as efficiently (with fewer shots) as possible. 

Top National Scores 2019:

  • Jackson Frey - 5.06

  • Zackary Carter - 5.51

  • Colton Doll - 5.91

Individual Drill 2 - Running & Shooting

Running and Shooting is a paintball fundamental that should rank in the top of your fundamentals right next to snap shooting. This drill will help measure your proficiency with running and shooting. 

Top National Scores 2019:

  • Coleman Bartlam 30.41
  • Kyle McGruder 30.66

  • Kristian Martinez 31.38

Individual Drill 3 - Breakout Drill

Don’t think we forgot about our shooters out there.  Breakout shooting is an incredibly important team skill to have in your arsenal. Every team needs some solid shooters in order to gain an advantage right away.  The Breakout Combine Challenge measures your accuracy over distance.  But it's not just as simple as being accurate, you have to be quick to get your paint on target.

Top National Scores 2019:

  • Austin Beatty 45.78
  • Austin  Saunders 47.22

  • Jackson Frey 47.28

Individual Drill 4 - Snake Drill

The Snake Challenge is designed as the ultimate front player time trial. However, this is a very important challenge for all players to participate in. As any game comes to a close, all players will find themselves becoming front players.

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