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THe drills

Individual Drill 1 - Snap Shooting

This drill will naturally train you to locate your target and eliminate it as quick (time wise) and as efficiently (with fewer shots) as possible. 

Top National Scores 2020:

  • Bart Crehan  5.21

  • Antonio De Jesus  5.22

  • Ollie Ruffalo  5.62

  • Marky Frans  5.68

  • Connor Hatcher  5.75

Individual Drill 2 - Running & Shooting

Running and Shooting is a paintball fundamental that should rank in the top of your fundamentals right next to snap shooting. This drill will help measure your proficiency with running and shooting. 

Top National Scores 2020:

  • 1 Trent Nitta             31.81

  • 2 Jackson Frey          32.63

  • 3 Austin Beatty        33.83

  • 4 Ollie Ruffalo          34.29

  • 5 Brandon Trujillo   34.44

Drill 3: Breakout Drill

Drill 3: Breakout Drill

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Individual Drill 3 - Breakout Drill

Don’t think we forgot about our shooters out there.  Breakout shooting is an incredibly important team skill to have in your arsenal. Every team needs some solid shooters in order to gain an advantage right away.  The Breakout Combine Challenge measures your accuracy over distance.  But it's not just as simple as being accurate, you have to be quick to get your paint on target.

Top National Scores 2020:

  • Jackson Frey            43.60

  • Marky Frans            44.63

  • Trent Nitta               46.59

  • Brandon Trujillo     48.47

  • Branden Martinz    49.50

Individual Drill 4 - Snake Drill

The Snake Challenge is designed as the ultimate front player time trial. However, this is a very important challenge for all players to participate in. As any game comes to a close, all players will find themselves becoming front players.

Top National Scores 2020:

  • Connor Hatcher          12.05

  • Sage Lee                       12.17

  • Serhii Abramov            12.53

  • Patrick Knilans             13.32

  • Marco Romanchuk      13.41

Individual Drill 5 - Lateral Slide

The Lateral Slide Returns:  grab the set up and PRACTICE this one!

The cardio will challenge you and getting into a good rhythm will help your overall score! 


Ryan has some tips to train with in this Support Video. The Presets are included in the download above - so watch, then print and bring to the field with you along with a teammate. Did we mention PRACTICE is so important for these drills? 


The Graded Team Drils