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Additional Frequently Asked Questions // Including the potential for Team USA 

  1. What is the age requirement for the Combine? Players 10 years and older

  2. Is there a certain skill level required to attend? No, all skill levels are welcome to attend.

  3. What happens in case of injury and is there a medical professional onsite? Safety is our priority. Injuries will be assessed promptly.  Medical staff will be available.

  4. What is included in the package? For $399.95, the player will receive two days of complete Combine training with 2 cases of paint, one custom HOME jersey and a swag bag.  

  5. What are the associated costs? $399.95 and if you want to add an AWAY jersey for $95 you can.  Travel and all expenses associated with travel are the responsibility of the player and the player’s family. 

  6. What is the schedule? Saturday, February 3, 2023, from 7AM – 5PM for drills and Sunday, February 4, 2023, from 8AM – 3PM for Combine Tournament. 

  7. Is my registration non-refundable if I cannot make it? No, Registration fees are NON-refundable.

  8. Why should my child attend the Combine? The Combine offers an expanded opportunity for players to undergo training, showcase their skills and compete. It serves as a platform for identifying strengths, addressing weaknesses, and obtaining quantifiable scores to track improvement in paintball fundamentals.  Players will receive feedback and visibility from top industry professionals.  Players will increase their network with the connections they make with the other players. 

  9. Is the player required to bring certain paintball gear or accessories? Yes, all clothing, maker, tank, hopper, mask, safety pads – elbow, knee, gloves, and cleats are the responsibility of the play.  Paint and pods will be provided. 

  10. Is it safe to travel with paintball gear?  Yes, empty the air out of the tank and remove the reg from the tank.  Pack reg and tank in checked luggage.  Remove any batteries from your marker and put your batteries in your carry on and your markers in your checked luggage.  Use the attached flyer to pack with your marker.

  11. Do players and families have to use specific lodging?  No, you should pick lodging that best fits the needs of you and your family. 

  12. Can you accommodate a player traveling by themselves? No, we do not have the resources to provide guardianship services.  Please plan to have your child travel with an adult/guardian.

  13. Do players bring their paint?  No, paint will be provided.

  14. Are parents allowed to help? Yes, there are tasks in the pit area where parents can help if there is room to help.

  15. Are parents allowed to take pictures on the field? No, we have official photographers, however, feel free to snap photos of players from the spectator side of the net.  There will be group photos taken on the field where parents will be invited to join us to take pictures.

  16. Are parents allowed to watch?  Yes, there will be designated areas where parents can watch.  We ask that parents not helping in the pits to stay out of the pits area.

  17. Do I need to pack drinks, snacks and lunches for my child while attending the Combine? Food, drinks and snacks are the responsibility of the player. 

  18. What happens in case there are adverse weather conditions? Safety is our number one priority.  If it is lightly raining, we will continue so make sure you have rain lids and visors.  If the weather becomes a concern, all players will be moved to a safe location.

  19. By attending the Combine, does a player get an automatic invite to Team USA tryouts? No, players must qualify for a chance to receive an invitation.

  20. How are players chosen to be a Team USA player? If a player receives an invite to the Team USA tryouts, then they will need to travel to Sudbury, Massachusetts to the Team USA official training facility at Boston Paintball.  The player will participate in a 2-day tryout managed by the coaches. We will notify players shortly following the Combine. 

  21. How and when will my child know if he/she makes Team USA?  A coach will call each player letting them know if they made it or not a few weeks after tryouts. 

  22. Are there any practices for Team USA? Yes, we will have at least one mandatory Team USA practice in Sudbury, Massachusetts prior to the United Paintball Federation (UPBF) tournament. This will be in August of 2024.

  23. What about fundraising?  Team USA will have multiple ways for players to support Team USA for fundraising.  You can share the Team USA store information and ask people to support Team USA by purchasing merchandise.  There will be fundraising campaigns where players raise funds by asking their network for support. 

  24. Are the funds raised through fundraising efforts used for those that participate in fundraising efforts or everyone? The funds collected will go to the overall program and be shared between all players.

  25. Do I have to purchase a Team USA jersey and tech tee for the player who made the team? No, a Team USA jersey and tech tee will be provided to the player.  Additional items to support Team USA may be purchased through the Team USA store at

  26. How many tournaments will Team USA play?  Team USA plays one UPBF tournament.  The tournament for 2024 will be played in Dreux, France the last week of August prior to the European Championships.

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