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The Paintball Combine solidifies its identity as a genuine player combine.

The Combine initiates training months in advance, ensuring participants arrive in peak form.


The focus extends beyond basic preparation; considerations now encompass individual player positions on the field, incorporating situational drills for a comprehensive player analysis.

Whether you excel in speed, accuracy, or boast PRO-level stats, the Combine is designed to spotlight your unique strengths. 

Embark on a months-long training journey, meticulously tracking your progress to mold yourself into the player you aspire to be. 

Cultivate confidence and skills, challenging not only yourself but every fellow player to bring their best. When the time comes to showcase your abilities, reveal the your talent to everyone with a scouting sheet.

The Combine is not just an event; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to define your narrative in the world of paintball.

2024 Paintball Combine Preview
Register and take the #BKiCombineChallenge


The Paintball Combine offers a unique weekend with top instructors, pro players, coaches, and scouts in diverse settings.


Engage face-to-face, learn, and push your limits alongside players nationwide. Stand shoulder to shoulder, be scouted by the world's best teams, and receive valuable input.

This experience, unlike any other, lets you learn from and showcase your talents to the best in the game.


If you dream of going Pro, seize this opportunity to prove yourself on the field with quantifiable numbers.


You might only get one shot.

ENTRANCE: $399.99 per player


  • Two days of Combine Training (Drills Saturday / Tournament Sunday)

  • Two cases of paintballs 

  • HOME Edition Combine Jersey (with name if signed up by 12/22)

  • Combine Sponsor Swag Bag


TRAIN: Grab the Combine Drills and start PRACTICING them - showing up prepared helps you to be confident and sends a message to the scouts.


  • Snapshooting

  • Run & Gun

  • Breakout Shooting

  • Snake Drill 

  • Lateral Slide

SHOWCASE: Day 1 we will be scoring and assessing each player in each drill. Numbers on paper may not always paint the complete picture so we get to know you and instruct accordingly.


Check in: Roughly 7AM

Morning Session:

Heats assigned to drill stations 


Afternoon Session: complete drills 


COMPETE: Day two we build teams from all of the players and pair you with players we think you will most thrive around. PRO Coaching in the Combine Tournament will take everything you've learned and been told and show you how it all unfolds.




Meet with assigned team and PRO Coach

Walk Fields / Make Plays 

Tournament wraps by 3PM 









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