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  • Do we HAVE to train ahead of time? Will the drills be taught at the event?
    Paintball Combine participants should train ahead of the event - the drills we have created are designed to give you an idea of what to expect and to help you measure marked improvement before, during and following the event. But YES!! We will absulutely explain the hows and whys of each drill at the event and make sure everyone knows the objective. We will also run heats where like players will train together and the PROfessors will adapt the teachings to the heat they are working with. The "grading" system is the only aspect of what we are doing that has been changed - and you will now be able to grade yourself the same we will "grade" you and that is soley based on quantifiable metrics. When you grab the drills - you will have the exact set up measurements we will be using at the combine. The PROfessors will explain how they will be collecting data. This is NOT based on competition in the sense that there are contests. The data for YOU is the SUM = meaning, you should see a noticeable difference from when you start each drill to after you master it.
  • Is there a certain age / experience level you have to be?
    Players can be any age 10+ to attend the Combine and of no particular skill level, they just need to have their own equipment in order to participate. We will work hard to keep like players together based in part on this criteria as well as a few other factors. One tremendous benefit of the Combine are the Coaches / Scout and Pro players we have working with us. The networking that this event allows is a chance to make connections in a setting that very rarely presents itself. The event staff truly gets to know you. ​
  • What does the Price Include ?
    Combine pricing includes entrance to two days of Combine Training with the BKi PROfessors, 2 cases of paint, the HOME Texas Combine Jersey and a Combine Swag Bag. Players may add on the AWAY Jersey at checkout if they like.
  • Where is the event being held?
    In 2024 we will be holding the event at XFactor Paintball Park in San Antonio Texas
  • Who are the PROfessors?
    Ryan Greenspan and Marcello Margott from San Diego Dynasty, Tyler Harmon from Houston Heat and Grayson Goff the Godfather of Bki and San Antonio XFactor from the BKi PROfessor Staff as well as additional Guest PROfessors and Scouts from a wide variety of teams. We are working diligently with many throughout the industry to gather together various drills and training platforms in order to incorporate as many players and coaches that want to be involved so STAY TUNED!
  • Are there any travel deals? How Can I Find a Ride or Room Share?
    We are working with one of Capital Edges Host Hotels for a Special Rate and that will be sent and posted to all players. To save on rooms and transportation, we have created a Paintball Combine Group that all registered players will be added to (at their request) to meet other players traveling in. We found that it was a great tool for players last year to be able to split the costs of rooms and cars. You will receive the link upon registration!
  • Can I come with a friend / teammate or can I attend this alone?
    Come alone or come with a friend / teammate! Single players will be set up with a like group of players right from the start and as we work through the clinic on friday - single players will end up on a team built by the coaches and the staff. Alone is never alone - not in paintball and certainly not here! If you come with a friend / teammate and you want to stay together through the entire event - NO PROBLEM! We will keep you together in the clinic and on the same team for the event.
  • What makes a Combine different - why should I want to be here? What will I gain from attending if i don't stay with the "team" I am put with?"
    The Paintball Combine started at Boston Paintball in 2006. This is our 8th National event and our FIRST TIME in Texas! The concept it is based on is the Football Combine. Players want opportunities - they want to be able to show teams what they can do - they want to be challenged by players around them to step up their own game and get better - they want the chance to go one step higher, they just need someone to give them that chance. ​ Locally we bring players together who all have the same goal in mind - to play with team and to be a better teammate. To learn what they can because they recognize the need to always stay hungry and open minded. Nationally? We want to do those things and at the same time build the entire paintball community. Give players from all around the world that opportunity to not just learn from 6+ of the best clinical paintball players in the game but to make connections with players from all around the world - make an impression on captains and scouts and other players - a point of contact that who knows what can happen from. Paintball is limited by what we alone can make happen for ourselves. ​ An entire weekend of training is what you are signing up for. You will train with the best of the best on Saturday. They will cover every drill, skill, and tactic you can imagine - and it will come from the combined perspective of many different professional players and their coaches and their teammates. They spend their off field time doing their own clinics all around the planet, they teach classes online and in person. They talk and watch and play more paintball than anyone. You will NOT leave the same player. Add in scouts from Pro and other divisional teams, attention and on the spot feedback from people who are there to watch you and there to tell you what you did right and what you did wrong. From the intimate setting of the clinic on Friday to the competitive action on Saturday or Sunday. Every imaginable position you could be put in will test what you know and what you need to work on and what you can do RIGHT NOW to make the difference in the next game. There is no other event that will change your paintball life more than this. ​ You will be assigned to a team. We will try to keep players from the same areas together but lets be honest, the odds of any teams working out are slim UNLESS you are from the Texas area. Still worth coming? If you can appreciate the value in everything that was said before this then you already know the answer. But if you need that one last point covered? This is what I would say to you. In life - you will always have to find a way to work with other people. You will be given opportunities to be a "team player" to bring your best to the table and learn what you can from other people and teach them what you can as well. The way you do all of these things in life and THIS WEEKEND leaves an impression. Make connections, build an incredible network. Face to face with Ryan Greenspan, Marcello Margott and Tyler Harmon and Grayson Goff just to name a few. Make them remember you and you have left with a team unlike any other.
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