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2020 Jersey System

In 2019 and each year prior, the Pro National Paintball Combine Jerseys featured both a unique standard issue player number as well as a color coding system that had been used to denote a players current APPA rank.

While the number on the jersey will continue to be used to track each players individual and team drill scores, the color coding system is changing.

In 2020

We will be moving to color coding players by the position they play.

This year we take a players position into account. Each player will be assigned a color that tells us where they play on the field. There are 3 colors that tell us if a player is a "1" a "2" or a "3". Front, Mid or Back. 

This helps us place you better on teams and ultimately helps us build better feedback for your overall evaluation. It will show you and the rest of the country (think scouts watching from all over the country!) where you rank amongst other players in your position by their national rank using the combine scoring system.

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