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Are you looking for players for
your team in 2022? 
Come scout at the Combine! 

The mission of the Paintball Combine is to help players make connections - and to help them find a team to compete with. On the flip side - it is also designed to help teams connect with players to help fill empty roster spots that can stop a team from playing as much as they want to or from competing at the level they wish. 

We are inviting local captains to join us to scout at the combine! We will provide information and scores fro each player attending that considers themselves to be a free agent for 2022. We will provide their rank and contact - you just give us the jersey number of the players you're interested in. 

All you need to do is fill out the form and we will provide it to our players so they know each of the opportunities available to them! Then join us Saturday & Sunday to watch as the players run through drills, scrimmages and the Combine Tournament on Sunday. 

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