The Paintball Combine continues down the path set in 2019 defining this event as a true player combine. As we did last year, this years Combine will start training you months in advance - preparing you to arrive primed and ready to stat. This year we take into account the position you play one the field as well as situational drills that will help paint a more complete individual player analysis. 

Are you the fastest players in your region? Maybe accuracy is more your thing. Do you possess PRO level stats that should be getting you noticed and rostered by better teams in your area or better yet, by the PRO teams? 

After acquiring BKi School of Paintball at the beginning of 2018, the two programs have created both a place to learn and a place to showcase without one taking away from the other. In fact they compliment each other in ways that will have a profound impact on the future of paintball. 

Train for months, track your progress, become the player you WANT to be and not the player a team or a finish tells you you are. Build your confidence, your skills and then challenge yourself and every other player to bring your best and show what you're made of to anyone and everyone that should have your name on their scouting sheet. 

2020 Paintball Combine Preview

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2021 paintball combines-2.png

The Paintball Combine is a chance to spend an entire weekend with many of the best clinical instructors / Professional players / Coaches and Scouts in the game in many different environments.


To talk face to face, to learn what they know, to test your own limits and push your own boundaries. To take a chance and see where you not only stack up shoulder to shoulder with other divisional players from all over the world, but to be scouted and get input from some of the very best teams IN THE WORLD.

The Combine is unlike any experience you have ever had in your lifetime. Learn from the best, showcase your talents to the best and get coached by them.


Ever dream of playing Pro? Think if they got to see what you have to offer you would have a chance? Showcase your talents on the field and in real, quantifiable numbers. THIS is your opportunity to prove it. 


You may only get one shot. 








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