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FEBRUARY 7-9, 2020


Austin Tindall Park

4100 Boggy Creek Road 




Selections for the 2020 Team USA U19 U16 and Women's Teams will once again be done through the Paintball Combine program. 

All Team USA Players must be USA natural citizens. Players for the U19 team can be 19 as long as they only turn 19 after January of 2001. Players for the U16 team can be 16 as long as they turn 16 after January 1, 2004. 

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It is the mission of the Paintball Combine & it's partners to put action behind the words GROW PAINTBALL. As long as there are players that strive to play professionally, we will strive to help them get there.





We bring in some of the most respected and best known professional players in paintball and allow them to share with you their take on the game from their own unique perspective. With each bringing something different to the table, they possess an ability to bring out and improve something in your own skill set that will help you to become a more well rounded player for yourself and your team and that is just the beginning. Pairing with the BKi Training Program, the training, clinic and learning experience of the 2020 Combine is unparalleled.


As players and then teams at a this years Combine run through drills, scrimmages and actual competition - coaches and scouts have the best opportunity to see a player in action, under many different circumstances. We have brought in many of the games top minds to help us bring out the best in each player and to create a quantifiable metrics system that will put into numbers the improvements a player is making before, during and after the event. The Combine is where connections are made and names are remembered. 


We then build teams from comparable players who the pros feel will work well together to help you to not only showcase your new and improved talents - but to build upon them in a team setting - without having to bring a team. Like - skilled players will be assigned to a Combine team to compete in the MVPS Winter Classic Event on Saturday or Sunday. Each team will be assigned a PRO Coach for the event where the learning continues as coaches give you instant feedback on where you can improve. 

Give yourself the Paintball Experience of a Lifetime...



We are beyond excited to partner this years Paintball Combine and Winter Classic event with Florida's BEST Paintball League The MVPS.  Combine players as well as teams from the region and all over the country are invited to play the best fields known to paintball and mix it up with our PRO's and Scouts.

Combine Players will be assigned to a team built by the BKi Professors and will compete in the appropriate MVPS Division.  Teams that play the series will kick off the 2020 MVPS Season at this event. 

Amazing venue, certified reffing, premium paint and great prizes - warm up for the 2020 Season and NXL Vegas at the most unique paintball event in the world! 

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