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05.20.2018 US Womens Paintball Team Imag

A Word From Bea Paxson

"The USA Women’s Paintball Team and it’s formation is a dream come true for me. I want to ensure that I’m doing everything necessary to find the best female paintball athletes to represent the United States and that I’m doing it fairly. I can’t be the only one selecting the 2019 roster and so this year I have called upon the Paintball Combine and the PROfessors of BKi Paintball to help with player selection.  


For me, there are many factors that have contributed to this decision.  Taking the elements of the Paintball Combine program and its track record, combining it with the teachings of the BKi School of Paintball made up of top professional paintball champions who have won on both USA soil as well as overseas, in addition to exposure to some of the best paintball coaches in the tournament scene, I truly feel that this will be the best panel of judges to help me find the right line-up for the 2019 USA Women’s Paintball Team. 


This is an opportunity to not only tryout, but also an opportunity to learn, network, and be seen. It will be inspirational for every female athlete attending and will motivate them to want to prove not only to the judges selecting the roster, but to prove to themselves that they truly earned a spot on the 2019 USA Women’s Paintball Team roster."

Bea Paxson

Founder -

Team USA Womens Paintball Team

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