Every year something HUGE comes out of the Paintball Combine. 

With names like Rusty Glaze, Greg Pauley, Mike Paxson, Justin Rabackoff, Billy Wing, Brett Messer and more players are able to make face to face connections and contacts that go far beyond the event itself. 

In 2017, Caleb Thorsen was scouted by Justin Rabackoff and spent the season playing with the Edmonton Impact farm team.

In 2018, Matty Kling met Coach Rusty Glaze and was picked up by San Diego Dynasty.

In 2019, 24 women and u19 players were hand selected to play on Team USA in the 2019 Nations Cup Event in Amsterdam. 

THIS opportunity presents itself again in 2020 - and is one of the best opportunities and experiences a player can earn.

You do NOT want to miss out on the chance to work with and to learn from the biggest names paintball has to offer. 

The future of paintball starts here. YOUR future is in your own hands. 

Get signed up - there is NO other opportunity like this. 

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